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We're French
You're Not
We're French and You're Not - softcover - $13   We're French and You're Not - hardcover - $22

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We' re French and You' re Not is a hilarious romp focusing on the clueless French millionaire, Robert, and the effects of his diary on the conventional Wisconsin farm boy, Frank.

 While in America, Robert and his constant companion Jean meet Henrietta Montcalm, a meek and nervous redhead. Their influence turns her into a feisty woman wanted by the police. Henrietta decides to marry Robert and guides them toward a wedding in Reno. Jean can't stand the thought of Robert giving up his bachelor lifestyle, so naturally he tries to kill him.

 Sacre bleu, what fun things the Wisconsin farm boy learns about the world.

Praise for We're French and You're Not

"Unique, hilarious, remarkable . . . and that's just the title."       
     - Mark A. Clements, award-winning author of The Land of Nod  

"We're French and You're Not is in a class all by itself, and that's a class you don't want to ditch. De Lancey's book is laugh-out-loud funny and supremely silly! From the clever title to the final, Sacre bleu!, this witty novel is as highly entertaining as it is ridiculous. Jean and Robert's misadventures are a hilarious treat."
      - Marie Etienne, author of Storkbites

"Paul De Lancey has such a rare gift, not only does he keep us laughing, but he can make us cheer for scoundrels. There may be no wackier writer than he."        
     - Ken Kuhlken, award-winning author of The Loud Adios  

"Fasten your seat belt for non-stop shenanigans dished out in a way that only Paul De Lancey can, when two would be adventurers leave chaos in their wake as they travel across Europe and the United States."
      - Matt Pallamary, Land Without Evil