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The Fur West
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In the hilarious, The Fur West, Chris Gashud rises from cat-raised orphan to be become the leader of the first cat herding drive in the Old West. During the early years, the multitudinous cats ford the mighty Mississippi, cause towns to burn, and drive people insane with their loud mating.

In between ambushes by Norwegian and Mexican bandits, Chris falls in love with Marie, survivor of the massacre of French tennis-resort builders. Ten years later, a tough-and-lean herd of six millions cats takes on rat-infested San Francisco in a rousing climactic battle.

This funny novel abounds with all the best elements the modern discerning reader expects from cat-drive yarns: fur balls, sushi, ear plugs, catapults, literary festivals, tornadoes, catnip withdrawal, stoic cat herders, Texas-Tea Posse, and Big Foot.

Praise for The Fur West

"Reading The Fur West makes me glad that I grew up to be a cat-hating, dog-loving son of a gun. Paul De Lancey has taken some serious liberties with the history of The Old West, and isn't that the way it should be?"
     - Gordon Kirkland, Author, Syndicated Humor Columnist & Entertainer

     "Of all the Western novels that litter the landscape, only The Fur West truly evokes the majesty, heartbreak and triumph associated with driving thousands of cats across the hostile landscape of the Old West. Paul De Lancey's opus is a literary and felisological triumph."
     - Mark A. Clements, award-winning author of The Land of Nod

     "Whenever I'm at a writing conference and I hear peals of late night laughter, I know that Paul De Lancey is reading one of his pieces. Paul's original voice resonates with listeners and readers. Once you read him, be prepared to join the mirthful chorus."
     - Alan Russell, award-winning author of Multiple Wounds

"Readers need to cinch up their stirrups and hold tight to their saddle horns for this weird and wacky 19th century ride across the Old West."
     - Roger L. Conlee, Every Shape, Every Shadow

     "The fur flies in The Fur West, where once again, Paul De Lancey spins a tail like only he can; this time catapulting us into a catastrophic tail(s) of post Civil war cat herders, catalyzed in an epic journey through a catacomb of dangers to the promised land where they unleash a cataclysm upon the rat infested city of San Francisco, leaving more than the city's rats catatonic."
     - Matt Pallamary, Land Without Evil  

     "If laughter really does cure what ails us, The Fur West is just what the doctor ordered. A laugh-out-loud read the whole world can use. Thank the goods gods of silliness for sending us Paul De Lancey."
     - Judy Reeves, A Writer's Book of Days and other books on the craft

"Step aside, McMurtry. Only Paul De Lancey could dream up such a hair-raising tale as The Fur West or so boldly challenge established American history."
     - Ken Kuhlken, author of Tom Hickey mysteries.